Hi! I'm Cynthia, from California. I like to pretend that I can draw and spend too much time crying over men twice my age.

mutant and proud.

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He smiled, and his face was like the sun.

- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles (2011)
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SH – stairway to mind palace

Drawing finally done! Started 3 months ago, It took a way longer than I expected. I thought that drawing in white on black would be easier but not at all. The thing is, to have white really really white, I had to draw so many times that I’ve lost count (I killed 3 entire pencils to achieve it.)

The process was so long also because of the large size of the drawing; the principal difficult was to do all these different lightings and shadows. My favourite part was to draw Sherlock climbing the stairs; I loved to draw the shadow on his coat and the staircase. But I didn’t enjoy so much drawing the hair of the profile, it drove me crazy! I was really happy when I put my signature at the end.

Credit to Ian Derry for the 2 wonderful reference photos I’ve used:

He also inspired me the idea for the composition of the drawing with this post.

See here, the work in progress:

White and light grey pencils on black paper - size 65x50cm (26”x20”)

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Spotted this pair multiple times around central London. On a case, I’d guess.

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It’s really sad that a man growing out his hair is probably going to be the highlight of my life for the next six months.

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martin freeman: a date has been set for sherlock—

john: IT'S NOT ME

john: i'm not his date


john: just so you know

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